Advice for Replacing Your Car's Belts

August 6th, 2019 by

Every time you turn on your car's ignition system, a serpentine belt performs important tasks. Connected to an engine block, this lengthy part synchronizes the mechanics under the hood of your vehicle. For instance, the crankshaft revolves at optimum rates thanks to precise timing mechanisms that are controlled by the belt.

Motorists should also value a belt's role in driving the cooling system. On a hot summer day, the air compressor and fan are operated by a serpentine belt at fixed cycles. The rotational speed of the belt ultimately determines the output from the HVAC system of an automobile. Contact Straub Honda and schedule a service appointment for your vehicle. We inspect and replace all types of belts for American and foreign models. Our experts may also tighten or loosen the tension in belts that don't operate at efficient levels. Cracks and tears on the outer surfaces typically prompt complete replacement.



Source: Straub Honda

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