Advice for Utilizing a Vehicle Roof Rack

September 30th, 2019 by

Installing a roof rack on your vehicle can provide many advantages. While vehicles like the Honda Pilot offer immense cargo space, adding a roof rack can take your adventure to new heights. Accessories that you can add to the rack will let you carry anything from extra luggage to canoes. Straub Honda can help you select the right rack for your driving needs.

When you add a rack to your car, you need to be aware of the extra height on your vehicle. This is especially important for trucks and vans that are tall to begin with. A rack with accessories might not fit into parking garages with limited clearance.

Carrying items on your roof also requires slower driving speeds. Many roof rack accessories have a maximum speed rating to ensure that the power of the wind doesn’t rip everything off of the roof. When carrying long items, make sure the front and rear are secured. This can be done using the towing eyes of your vehicle.



Source: Straub Honda

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