Benefits of Buying a New Car | Triadelphia WV | Near Wheeling & Pittsburgh

Benefits of Buying a New Car in Glen Dale, WV

The car-buying process is both an exciting and confusing one. There are several choices to be made, including whether you'd prefer a new or used vehicle. Well, here at Straub Honda, we want to keep your experience as simple as possible. That's why we've included a few reasons that buying a new vehicle may be the best idea for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Made to Order: You can usually customize a new vehicle to have your preferred features, or you can at least have the dealer look for one that meets your needs.

It's Not Used: Since you're buying new, you don't have to worry about the vehicle's accident report history, which means you can enjoy added peace of mind on the road.

Latest Technology: The newer the car, the more modern and involved the vehicle's features will be. Multimedia and navigation interfaces are always evolving or being updated, so if you are someone that has to have the newest technology, the selection will be better with a new vehicle.

Safety: As vehicle safety laws become more strict, car manufacturers alter the way the safety systems on their vehicles are built. Because of this, the newer the vehicle is the safer it should be.

Financing: Because the car is new, banks offer lower financing rates due to the vehicle being worth more and not having already been hit by depreciation.

No matter what sort of vehicle or features you're looking for, our highly-trained staff can help find one that fits both your lifestyle and needs. If you have any more questions about the benefits of buying a new car, give us a call or drop by our dealership at 200 Straub Drive, Triadelphia, WV 26059. We look forward to serving our customers from Triadelphia, WV, and throughout Wheeling and Pittsburgh.