Jump Start Situations Signal the Need for Vehicle Service

Providing assistance to another driver with starting problems is something people in Triadelphia are accustomed to. This neighborly type of help is appreciated by anyone who experiences trouble starting their car, especially when they are in a hurry to get to work. This quick-fix is easy to perform, and it can help someone in dire need.

Jump starts are as easy to do. Bring your vehicle close to the vehicle needing assistance. With properly marked jumper cables, attach positive ends. Next, connect the other car’s negative cable end to a metal frame portion. Then, attach the other negative cable to your battery. Start the other car but allow it to run at an idle for a couple of minutes. Disconnect the cables in reverse order.

Whenever a car is jump-started, it means that it needs a check-up at a professional service station. Similarly, the assisting vehicle should be checked for problems that can arise after lending assistance. Both vehicles can receive a tune-up at Straub Honda after an emergency jump start. Schedule an appointment with our expert mechanic team if you have received, or provided, starting help on the road.

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