The Benefits of Regularly Claying Your Car

Many drivers don’t realize that regularly claying a vehicle is one of the best ways to protect and preserve the paint. Washing your car or truck once every few weeks is a great start, but claying is another vital step in vehicle maintenance that shouldn't be ignored.

Even a high-quality car wash is going to leave at least some grime behind. The primary goal of claying is to remove any lingering contaminants that are still clinging to the surface of the vehicle. Using a clay bar on your vehicle twice a year will also make it much easier to wax and seal the paint. This project is going to remove all of the contaminants that might make your vehicle’s paint look cloudy or uneven after it is waxed.

The team here Straub Honda can help you come up with a regular maintenance plan that keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Contact our Triadelphia, WV location today to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly associates.

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