Signs Your Ignition Needs Service

When your vehicle fails to start, you may automatically assume the cause is a dead battery. While this may be the case, it could also be the ignition or starter. If you’re having concerns about your vehicle’s ignition, bring your vehicle to Straub Honda and let our technicians have a look.

Occasionally, your ignition may just go out without warning, but this is seldom the case. Generally, you’ll get some warning signs that your ignition may need service. It’s only a matter of paying attention to the signs.

  • Grinding noise when starting.
  • Starter makes whining noise with starting the car.
  • Smoke and/or burning smell when starting.
  • Nothing happens when you attempt to start the vehicle.

Don’t wait until your vehicle strands you away from home. Bring it to our service center in Triadelphia, WV. We’ll inspect the ignition and provide you with any other automotive services you may need.

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