Jump Start Situations Signal the Need for Vehicle Service

Providing assistance to another driver with starting problems is something people in Triadelphia are accustomed to. This neighborly type of help is appreciated by anyone who experiences trouble starting their car, especially when they are in a hurry to get to work. This quick-fix is easy to perform, and it can help someone in dire need.

Jump starts are as easy to do. Bring your vehicle close to the vehicle needing assistance. 

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Knowing What You Need for a Great Time Tailgating

It can be fun to take your truck and eat outside with your friends. You can get a whole group of people together and have a fun time tailgating.

Straub Honda wants you to know what it takes to be fully prepared for a great time tailgating. As you prepare for a tailgating experience, it can be helpful to form the burgers that you will be grilling at home.

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Preparing Your Car for Back-to-School Season

With every seasonal change, drivers must be ready to maintain their vehicles to avoid potential issues. Back-to-school season is no different, and knowing what to expect can be one of the best ways for you to reduce the risk of damage to your car when it is out on the road.

Get to know your vehicle as you maintain it. Not every car is the same, and there may be some specifics when it comes to working out your vehicle's particular issues. Pay special attention to the noises that your car makes, as you may be able to spot…

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Try Road Trip For Games For Kids On Long Drives

Spending time with family is special. Vacation is a great way for family members to bond. The road trip is an affordable way to get from one place to another. Many parents enjoy the idea of taking their nice SUV or family size vehicle out for a nice long drive.

However, children present a challenge when taking long trips in an automobile. Young people normally don't have the patience to sit still for hours while in a car. They will need to be entertained throughout the duration. Road trip games are a great way to keep young people occupied…

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The Benefits of Regularly Claying Your Car

Many drivers don’t realize that regularly claying a vehicle is one of the best ways to protect and preserve the paint. Washing your car or truck once every few weeks is a great start, but claying is another vital step in vehicle maintenance that shouldn't be ignored.

Even a high-quality car wash is going to leave at least some grime behind. The primary goal of claying is to remove any lingering contaminants that are still clinging to the surface of the vehicle. 

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Why Buy a Crossover?

There are so many different vehicles that we have here on our Straub Honda lot. We understand how overwhelmed you must feel if you are shopping for a new vehicle to buy or lease. It can be very difficult to make a choice.

If you are looking for something simple that is a bit sportier than normal but provides plenty of power and comfort, we suggest looking at one of the models of crossovers that we have on our lot right now. 

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Signs Your Ignition Needs Service

When your vehicle fails to start, you may automatically assume the cause is a dead battery. While this may be the case, it could also be the ignition or starter. If you’re having concerns about your vehicle’s ignition, bring your vehicle to Straub Honda and let our technicians have a look.

Occasionally, your ignition may just go out without warning, but this is seldom the case. Generally, you’ll get some warning signs that your ignition may need service. It’s only a matter of paying attention to the signs.

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Windshield Wiper Blades Keep You Safely on the Road

Driving in wet weather is never an enjoyable experience, and carries a much greater risk of an accident than driving in dry conditions. Not only is your stopping distance increased and handling decreased, your visibility can be greatly impacted by the water cascading on to your windshield. This is why it is so important to make sure your windshield wipers are in good shape and working properly before you are caught out in the rain.

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