Choosing Your Teen's First Car

July 2nd, 2019 by

Whether it's a moment you've been dreading or anticipating, the day your teen gets their license is finally here. Now it's time to find them the right car so they can drive themselves to school or work.

It's best to avoid a car that boasts about its high horsepower or its quick acceleration. New drivers lack the finesse to gauge how fast they're going by feel alone and can often exceed the speed limit without meaning to do so. A solidly built larger vehicle whose engine isn't as responsive actually makes the perfect first car, and they often offer a range of safety features that assist new drivers who lack certain skills, such as driving on slippery surfaces.

For help in choosing your teen's first car, stop by Straub Honda. We can help you find the right vehicle and arrange for you to take a test drive of it. We can also advise you on what safety features would be most advantageous for new drivers.



Source: Straub Honda

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