Enhance Safety With the Right Winter Tires

February 28th, 2019 by

The challenges of driving on snow and ice aren’t going away soon. Winter presents some of the toughest driving conditions, threatening your safety and vehicle. However, there are tires designed to help you reduce risk and increase performance on snowy and icy roads.

Studdable winter / snow tires grip through snow, and their optional layer of metal studs adds control on ice where studs are legally permitted. Studless ice and snow tires perform well on either surface without the use of optional studs and are popular especially where metal studs aren’t allowed. Performance winter / snow tires maximize performance on dry roads, but add better traction than regular tires when presented with ice and snow.

Let the professionals at Straub Honda help you choose the right tire that will meet your winter driving needs. Visit us today and we’ll enhance your safety and piece of mind on winter roads. Looking to learn more about Honda safety? Discover the benefits of Lane Departure Warning with Straub Honda!



Source: Straub Honda

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