Find the Right Vehicle for Your Dog

January 16th, 2019 by

Each member of our team here at Straub Honda understands the importance of finding a vehicle that is friendly for every member of your family, including your dogs. We're here to help you find the right set of features and accessories for your car.

Keeping your car clean can be a constant struggle when owning a dog. Mud and fur can cause damage to the upholstery, but there are ways to help keep it protected. Heavy-duty floor mats are designed to be easy to clean and durable. When they get dirty, you can simply take them out and clean them off with a hose. They will typically be made of durable rubber, and in many cases, you can find floor mats that match your vehicle.

Coupled with seat covers, you can help protect your interior. These can come in a variety of materials such as neoprene and cotton so that you can remove and clean them as needed.



Source: Straub Honda

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