Preventing Rust Formation Can Prolong Vehicle Life

March 18th, 2019 by

Here at our location, we go the extra mile to help our customers to keep their vehicles in good operating order. One commonly found issue that can prevent vehicle owners from accomplishing this goal is rust. While oxidation can occur in a variety of high moisture conditions, certain substances can accelerate the advance of these damaging materials. Common ice melting road salt is one such culprit.

Communities that receive heavy snowfall or ice often use road salt to treat their roadways. Over time, this material can accumulate in snow banks and frozen layers of ice, and from there it can find its way into sensitive vehicle components. Left untreated, the situation can lead to corrosion and rust damage.

As dangerous as road salt can be, drivers who take a few careful precautions can defeat it. The first step drivers should take is to put their vehicles on a strict and regular cleaning regimen. Drivers should pay special attention to the undercarriage areas where snow and ice tend to accumulate during cold winter months. Vehicle owners should also take care to clean the upper parts of their vehicles carefully. If they notice any areas that are losing wax cover or are chipped, they should remedy these problem areas as quickly as possible. Doing so can protect such weak spots from the advent of rust.



Source: Straub Honda

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