Reliable Alternator, Reliable Ride

September 24th, 2019 by

A reliable alternator is central to the overall health, proper functioning, and lifespan of your car's electrical system. The battery stores the charge that starts the car and cranks the engine, but the alternator creates the electricity that recharges the battery and keeps it charged. Some of our Straub Honda sales team members think the alternator is one of your car's most important, most ignored parts.

You know full well that your engine delivers the power that drives your vehicle forward, but what gets your engine started? The battery does, thanks to the alternator. The alternator generates electricity from mechanical energy that it absorbs and transforms as your car rolls along its merry way. The alternator then charges and recharges your battery, ensuring it has enough juice to crank the engine when it comes time.

If your engine doesn't turn over, jump your car from dead. Take the cables off and start the car. It it keeps running, your alternator is fine and the battery might need changing. If your car dies again very shortly after the cable jump, your alternator might need changing or service.

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Source: Straub Honda

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