Signs of Suspension Problems

September 25th, 2018 by

There are a number of different aspects of your vehicle that contribute to how your vehicle functions and how safe it is. The suspension area of your car is something that you probably don’t know a whole lot about. Many people don’t understand this area and definitely can’t repair a suspension problem on their own. What you can keep an eye out for is a problem with your suspension. When you notice there is a problem of this sort going on, you will notice some typical signs like:

Your tires wearing down at an uneven rate.
The air pressure in all four of your tires is not consistent.
Your vehicle is frequently in need of an alignment.
Your brake calipers are often sticking.
Bad tie rods are present.

Don’t assume that you simply have a minor issue going on with your tires. There could be something much more serious going on and you should bring your vehicle into Straub Honda today.

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