The Importance of Tire Rotations

November 29th, 2019 by

Our associates at Straub Honda like to provide Triadelphia, WV drivers with useful automobile information so that your vehicles stay safe and maintained. Having your vehicle's tires rotated is a vital part of proper car maintenance. Below you can find out why this service is so important.

Tire rotations help each tire wear evenly so that tread life is maximized. While it may vary based on the type of tires that you have installed on your vehicle, many auto manufacturers suggest having tire rotations every 5,000 miles. During a tire rotation, our service technicians will check tread depth and air pressure. If you notice any vibration when you're driving, your tires may be rotated or balanced for a smooth ride.

When the tread wear is even, it keeps the tread depth of your tires uniform. This helps keep traction and handling consistent across each tire and will optimize braking and cornering. If you have a vehicle with all-wheel drive, tire rotations are vital because even wear across all four tires will reduce stress on your vehicle's drivetrain.


Source: Straub Honda

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