Honda Maintenance Schedule

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The first-class standards that go into every new Honda vehicle help maintain exceptional performance and reliability for years to come, but you should still follow your recommended Honda maintenance schedule. You can find exactly what your vehicle needs by checking your owner’s manual for Honda maintenance codes, but we’ve put together a quick guide for newer Honda models. Whether you’re looking to keep up with your Civic maintenance or trying to stay on track with your CR-V car care, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about Honda maintenance schedules with our service team below!


Honda Maintenance Every 7,500 Miles and 15,000 Miles

The first step to enjoying flawless performance across Wheeling throughout your ownership journey is having these services performed at 7,500 miles and then every 15,000 miles.

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Brake Inspection
  • Throttle Linkage Lubrication
  • Fluid Check and Replacement
  • Tires and Tire Pressure Check
  • Tire Rotation

Honda Maintenance Every 30,000 Miles

Several more actions need to be taken starting at 15,000 miles and then every 30,000 miles thereafter, including:

  • Chassis and Hinge Lubrication
  • Oil Drain Plug Replacement
  • Wheels Rotation and Balance
  • Undercarriage Inspection
  • Shock Inspection
  • Clutch Pedal Check and Adjustment
  • A/C and Heater Operation Inspection
  • Transmission Service
  • Park Brake Check
  • Lights, Steering Systems, Fuel Systems Inspection
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Differential Oil, Steering Gear Box, Steering Wheel, Brake Linings Inspection
  • Windshield Wipers Replacement
  • Drive Shaft Bolt Re-Torque
  • Air Conditioning Filter Replacement

Honda Maintenance Every 30,000 Miles

Starting at 30,000 miles and repeating every 30,000 miles, Moundsville drivers should have the following further actions carried out:

  • PCV Valve Service
  • Battery Service
  • Differential Oil Replacement
  • Fuel Tank Cap Gasket, Fuel Line, Fuel Connections, Transfer Case Oil, and Air Elements Inspection
  • Exterior and Interior Lamp Check
  • Propeller Shaft Lubrication
  • Wheel Bearing Lubrication
  • Propeller Shaft Flex Coupling Inspection
  • Road Test and Quality Control

How to Perform a Honda Maintenance Minder Reset

Steubenville drivers will find that once the maintenance required light Honda goes off, one or more of the above services will need to be completed. Various Honda Maintenance Minder codes may be triggered, but our service technicians can handle the job with ease. A Honda Maintenance Minder reset will be conducted by our team whenever you visit us for service. However, if you carry out any work yourself you’ll need to take the following actions for a Honda Maintenance Minder reset:

  • Press home on the vehicle’s touchscreen
  • Select settings, then Vehicle Settings
  • Scroll to Maintenance Info, then press to select
  • Press Reset

A pop-up should ask if you want to reset or cancel. Hit reset and your maintenance minders should do exactly that. If you have any questions about your Honda Maintenance Minder codes, don’t hesitate to reach out to our service team for guidance. 

Our Straub Honda Service Team Can Help Keep Your Vehicle Running in Like-New Condition

Whether you need to find out more about Honda maintenance codes or schedule servicing, our team can help. We can help you keep you in line with your Honda Accord service needs and protect your Honda Pilot from unnecessary wear and tear. Simply get in touch today for any further advice or assistance.


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